Front Page Action

Hm? Oh, hey there. Yeah, this is my web-log, I suppose, but the kids don’t call it that anymore, huh?

Ah. A blog. Okay.

Thing is, I’m terrible at blogging. And, if you look around the internet, so is most everybody else these days. Social media rules, long format drools. I can already sense I’m losing you. Don’t click over to Instagram to gaze at shoes and hipster lunches! Here’s a picture of my sandwich from the other day to hold you over.

The Oddly Named "Irish Banker"

Here’s what we’re going to do:

This site is gonna be where I tell you about me, share new stuff coming out, show some previews, that sort of thing. If you wanna be interactive-like, you can follow me on Twitter or even on Tumblr. I haven’t tuned up the Tumblr machine yet, waiting for the new book to be announced so I can show off production stuff and not just cat gifs, but add it to your follow list and you’ll get some surprises in your dash one day soon.

So what’s here for you right now, though? I can hear you getting antsy, see you eying the door. This is way over 140-characters and that Success Baby isn’t gonna laugh at himself. Quick, look at my shadow.

Me and My Shadow

Moody and artsy, isn’t it? DON’T LEAVE YET!

Since you are here, why not have a look at Stuff I’ve Written, find tools for Making Comics yourself (or just surviving a creative life, really)? You could also get access to exclusive bookselling resources if you’re from the Retailer & Press world or some teaching tools (and a heartfelt thank you) if you’re an Educator. Wanna get in touch? Go ahead. Contact Me. Dare you.

Think of this place as a home base for book info, a bit of a catch-all for the things that fly through Twitter and Tumblr. Bookmark it and check it out every once in a while (and don’t worry, when there’s something to look at you’ll catch me pointing you this way in all those other places).

There. You made it to the end. That wasn’t so bad, right? And since you made it all this way, I got you something special.

cat in a suit lol roflmao

You’re welcome.

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